You Can Run A Mile Answer Key

What is your average speed in miles per hour. But to perform your best in the mile run and to feel good doing it you really need to prepare properly says Larry Greene paragraph 2 To train for a mile run start by running a short distance such as one-quarter mile.

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How many 10 minutes will it take Amy to run 3 miles.

You can run a mile answer key. Y frac25 x. Write the linear equation that represents Gerardos constant speed. They want to take it to the next level and run extreme races called ultramarathons.

Speed of the cheetah in miles per hour. Gerardos rate is frac333 miles per minute which is the same as frac111 miles per minute. Another important topic especially designed for beginners.

Write the inputs and outputs from parts b d as ordered pairs and plot them as points on a. 8 3 5 5 40 hours per week. What is this cheetahs speed in mileshour.

— 1120 m 40 s ——————- 28 m s ———— speed. He ran around the track 24 times. There are about 161 kilometers in a mile 10 161 convert kilometers to miles 6211180124223602 42 60 42 convert time to seconds 2562 2562 6211180124223602 what is your average time seconds per mile 412482.

These types of questions may be found in your test booklet. If he runs y miles in x minutes then y frac18 x. Thats the average steps in a mile.

Even 300 yards is not sufficient to cause an extreme degree of exhaustion though a quarter-mile in the case of a first-class sprinter is enough or almost enough to produce complete inability to make any immediate further effort. Make sure to include in your equation the extra time that Gerardo was able to run. That means he runs frac14 miles per minute.

Now we know Amy can run a mile in ten minutes. 4 miles B. So if we divide 5280 feet by 23 feet which is the average of 21 to 25 then we get 2295.

Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. Place the symbol in the box between the two numbers 3 4 3 7 11 10 9 8. How many miles can Jason run in 1 hour.

You need to convert miles to inches and create a conversion factor to convert inches to revolutions of a wheel. 367 mi 5280 ft mi 12 in. 13 -miles Grade 7 Answer Key ITEM 3 Jason ran of a mile in 12 minutes.

84 or 2 miles. 2 X 1 X 400 1 X 800 1 X 300 at 15secs per 100m throughout. How many pieces of ribbon does Jeremy have.

Make sure you click on Labels and Click OK If done correctly then. DAY 2 Anaerobic 110 VO2max. Data – Data Analysis – Scroll to Regression Highlight Baseball Average for the Y Input.

Given Speed 28 ms from solution to Example I Relationships speed and l 609 meters I mile Solution 28m I mile 3 600 s 63 miles 1609m I hour hour The speed of the cheetah in miles per hour is 63 mph. 5 miles C. These items may be used by Louisiana educators for educational purposes.

The speed of the cheetah in miles per hour is 63 mph. Write two equivalent expressions and then find how many more miles a coyote can run in six hours than a rabbit at these rates. Please go through them.

However some athletes are not satisfied with just running a marathon. 30 minutes Jeremy has 3 yards of ribbon to use for wrapping gifts. Y frac14 x Horse B.

There are 1609 meters in one mile. 40 3 60 5 2400 minutes so Keith works 2400 minutes each week. 05 10 005 miles 3 miles per hour Stevie.

1 ft 1 rev. A man can not exhaust himself completely in a 100 or a 200 yards race. KEY CONCEPT You can use what you know about converting within one measurement system to relate customary and metric units.

X Time min y Distancemiles Horse A. 589 miles per hour. Looking for Speed of the cheetah in miles per hour.

Measure the size of your desk length width and height using a tape measure. 062 mile per kilometer. Round that off and we get 2296 steps.

A marathon is a 262-mile race which is an incredible distance to run all at one time. Correct answers from among five or six answer choices. Use an equivalent rate.

To find the answer we simply divide 3 by 110. Do note that one mile is equivalent to 5280 feet. You may not use a calculator on this test.

As assured we will be covering all possible quiz answer keys for CodeHS below. We can find each unit rate by dividing the number of miles by the number of minutes then multiply by 60 to get the number of miles per hour. 60 minutes in 1 hour.

But what about 3 minutes. 3 101. 0256 124 mi per min 25 mi per hour.

Giselle can run 1 mile in 7 minutes. 1 kg 220 lb. If her water bottle holds 6 cups of water how many miles can she run before her water bottle is empty.

Speed 28 ms from solution to Example 1 Relationships. He cuts the ribbon into pieces that are yard long. 65 steps in one mile.

10 miles D. Highlight all 5 columns from RSTimes at Bat to SOTimes at Bat for the X Input. Runners often spend many many months training for these races.

Take 30secs rest after 400m 60secs rest after 800m and a lap walk after 300m before repeating. Given Rachel jogged along a trail that was 14 of a mile long And She jogged along the trail 8 times 8 14 84 2 Therefore the answer is 2 miles. If any important topics are missing then please let us know through our comment box at the end of this session.

For a given input x of the function a time the matching output of the function y is the distance Giselle ran in that time. You may use scratch paper to solve the problems. Horse A runs 1 mile in 4 minutes.

Best mile time 410 run 5mins14secsmile or as near as possible to this. DAY 3 Aerobic 90 VO2max. Identify Repeated Reasoning A coyote can run up to 43 miles per hour while a rabbit can run up to 35 miles per hour.

You can run a Multiple Linear Regression in Excel using the Data Analysis ToolPak. Y 1. 5Omni likes to run along the beach.

How many miles did Jon run in all. If he runs y miles in x minutes then y. Horse B runs 1 mile in 25 minutes That means he runs frac1 times 225 times 2 frac25 miles per minute.

3 110. Use one of these symbols to make each statement true. CodeHS Answers Key Quiz Solutions To All Units.

You can convert measures with customary and metric units by finding an equivalent rate or using dimensional analysis. And 1 609 meters 1 mile speed. 95 3 062 5 589 Keith.

An ultramarathon is any footrace that. Jon ran around a track that was 18 of a mile long. That is a lot of steps.

Be sure to answer ALL the questions. She drinks 24 cup of water for every mile she runs. Amy can run mile per minute.

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